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How Can I Become A Member Of Tri-City Baptist Church?

At the conclusion of the Pastor’s message there will be an invitation time extended. During the invitation song, you may sense God’s Spirit prompting you to respond in one of the following ways.

  • you may want to receive Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior.

  • you may be a member of a church “of like faith and order” (whose teachings are the same as ours) and you wish to transfer your membership to Tri-City Baptist Church.

  • you may have already received Christ as your Lord and Savior, but you are a member of a church that did not practice scriptural baptism, and you would like to be baptized and join Tri-City.

  • you may have previously been a member of a church “of like faith and order”, but the record of your membership has been lost or destroyed, and you would like to join Tri-City “by statement”.