PROCEDURE: 1. ALL SWO'S are originated by Gena. When you need to schedule an event, you ALWAYS start by contacting her. The best way to do this is to email her with your event details. She will get in touch with you if she needs more info or needs clarification. Gena will take your information and then send it to the proper person(s). Never fill out an SWO and hand it in. There are reasons we need to do it this way.


2. The first thing you must do when filling out an SWO is determine what type of SWO you need filled out. There are two (2) types of SWO's:




1. A RESERVATION - This is for reserving a calendar date for an event, but you don't have all the details yet (such as: Which room(s) will it be located in? Will you need tables and chairs? Will you need Media equipment?) When approved, a Reservation just holds the date. A Reservation is an incomplete Scheduled Event.

A. Check the box that says "RESERVATION" if you only know the date for your event, but you're not yet sure about all the details.

B. A RESERVATION can only be used for events further than 60 days away, but you may reserve the event as early as you wish.

C. Only fill out SECTION I, but fill it out completely, to reserve a date for your event.

D. When/if your RESERVATION is approved, you will get a copy back.


(WARNING! Please note that when you make a reservation and do not list which room it will be held in, we will put your date on the calendar as promised, BUT, there's always a possibility that someone could turn in a "Reservation" or "Scheduled Event" SWO reserving a room you were intending to use. In that case, you would just have to choose a different room location. Due to the nature of the paperwork, it will be on a "first CONFIRMED, first served" basis)


Since a RESERVATION is an incomplete SCHEDULED EVENT, you must complete one more step to turn your "Reservation" into a "Scheduled Event". Here is that step:


STEP 2: A RESERVATION TO SCHEDULED EVENT - Is a previously submitted "Reservation" that you have now added all the details to and you are re-submitting it as a "Reservation To Scheduled Event". When approved, It becomes a completed Scheduled Event and you are finished with the process.


A. Check the box that says "RESERVATION TO SCHEDULED EVENT" when you are ready to add all remaining information to your previously submitted "RESERVATION."

B. Fill out Section II COMPLETELY. Do not submit this form if you do not know ALL the necessary info for your event or it will be returned to you. (Example: you need to know what room(s) are needed; how many tables/chairs; media equipment, etc)

C. A "RESERVATION TO SCHEDULED EVENT" form needs to be turned in a minimum of 30 days before your event date. If you do not turn it in by then, you will be notified that your reserved date is no longer reserved and has been made available. If that happens, you can still fill it out and turn it back in. If the date is still available at that time, and we have proper time to pull together your needed resources, it will be reassigned to you.

D. When/if approved, you will get a copy back.



2. A SCHEDULED EVENT - Is when you have ALL the needed information including tables/chairs/media, etc. Then you can file it as a SCHEDULED EVENT and you are finished with just one step. This is the surest and easiest way to secure your event and everything you need for it.

A. Check the box that says "SCHEDULED EVENT" when you have ALL the details for your event from the beginning.

B. Fill out BOTH Section I & II COMPLETELY and you are finished.

C. When/if approved, you will get a copy back