Welcome to Tri-City Baptist Church!

Here on this page, we would like to help you prepare for your visit with us. Below will be some things to note and some things to do. This is help answer any questions you may have and help speed up things a little apon arrival.

What to wear??

You’ll quickly notice and see people dressed in all styles—from jeans to business suits apon arrival. In other words, We expect you to come as you are!

Where to Park?

When you arrive, if you are not met by our parking lot crew, you are welcomed to park anywhere on campus. Note the entrances are the two Blue towers. One located in the front lot and another in the rear lot.

The Kiddos!

We know and understand how the kids can be in the mornings... SO! We want to encourage you to fill out the Kid Check registration below. This will save you a crazy amount of time upon arrival. Once you have clicked the link, scroll to where it says "+ I have never used Kid Check before" and make your Profile for you and the Kids.When you arrive, there are computer, check in stations by the Welcome Center inside the building. Walk up to one and type in your provided phone number and Boom! you are good to go. The computer will print out stickers for the kids and one for you to use to pick them up after service.