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Hi my name is Will Carter, I am the Director of Media and Communications here at Tri-City. I am So thrilled you are interested in our Media Ministry.  Please by all means contact me anytime day or Night by email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. This Ministry exists so that we can effectively help all the Pastors of this church communicate the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. We accomplish that outreach with many avenues and 80% of those are media related! Fun fact - 75% of people check out media content online before ever stepping foot on a campus. This is why the media Ministry is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the church. 

Interested in serving in the Media Ministry??  We sure would love to have you!

I am Looking for Individuals who like the media world and are trainable in any of the media areas. We are a team of people who Love Christ and want to use Technology to aid in Worship and getting the good news out! Please feel free to come up stairs in the booth on Sunday's and Wednesday's after Worship Practice and I will be Super glad to meet you and share my Evil schemes and a Soda or coffee with you. Before you come, would you take 4 minuets to fill out the form at the bottom of this page? It'd would mean a great deal to me and the team! Looking forward to meeting you.


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by picking these, it doesnt mean you HAVE to work them in the end. We are just looking to see what might be fun to you!
Anything you would like to ask or say, Please do so here.